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Our Vision

Regeneration through learning

Grounding in place and context


Did you know that in nature, creativity and innovation flourish most at the edges where systems overlap because of the great exchange flow between different entities? We believe this is an essential principle to recognize, searching for solutions to today’s global challenges.
This is why we position ourselves at the edge.


Physically, facing the challenges that emerge from the buffer zone between the endangered Atlantic Rainforest and the urban sprawl of Rio;


Ideologically, as pioneers of a self-sustainable regeneration center that develops practical solutions for a resilient and harmonic relationship between individuals, communities and ecosystems..

Implementation: experimenting with prototypes

We develop and implement projects that interconnect different knowledge fields to address challenges grounded in our particular context. To address the relationship between community and ecosystem, we focus on soil, food, and forests.


The starting point of a healthy ecosystem is its soil. How do we respect the natural cycle, allow the vast biodiversity to flourish while making use of its resources in a sustainable way? We test natural regeneration solutions for a cost-effective and organic regeneration of the depleted areas of the forest, we develop food system solutions to source food that it healthy for us and is grown in a way that respects the ecosystem its other inhabitants, including traditional garden beds and agroforests, and develops solutions of resilient infrastructure for the community.

Refining: creating knowledge


We know innovative solutions come from inclusive, comprehensive dialogue and practical experimentation. We want to attract passionate change agents who want to learn by engaging hands-on in planning, executing and measuring impact with us. This way we can continuously  refine, complement and broaden our prototypes, keeping them relevant and accurate, targeting local challenges and creating global best practices.


An essential component to the SINAL experience is strengthening of inner skills through immersion into the self, reconnecting to our own authentic expression in order to better share with a diverse group.


Our learning experiences are project-based and co-created with the interested party.  There are several options of lengths and topics.

Sharing: catalyzing networks

We believe global leadership needs to be collective, compassionate, and diverse. We need to learn to hear from each other and express ourselves with authenticity in a constructive environment.


Hosting events and facilitating that connection process is our way of contributing to finding disruptive solutions and triggering a transformation process with a truly integrated vision. Our location, spaces, catering and mindfulness exercises are designed to create that connection with the self, with nature and with others. If and when our guests are interested in learning about our projects, we give a brief workshop to complement their experience at SINAL.







noun_Laurel Wreath_289758_ffffff.png

20% of our land has been regenerated since SINAL started operating

13 springs protected within SINAL 

More than 50 events, facilitated in Portuguese, English and Spanish

Long Run Initiative Certification as a Global Ecosphere Retreat

Selected as one of the 10 best projects in Brazil of Environmental Education for Children by the Globo Network in 2013

Over 400 change agents have come to SINAL from 6 continents



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